I’m Ali!

Sooooooo after talking about it for a year, I have finally sat down to start this blog.  Yes, it is happening!

A little about me…I am a High School Social Studies teacher living in Cincinnati, trying to change the fact that in the United States your zip code determines the quality of education you receive.  When I’m not fighting that battle, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to test out new recipes and cook for my family and friends.  I’m excited you have decided to join me on this blogging adventure.

Things I am passionate about (besides food of course):

  • Food, again.
Yes, I did make this.

Yes, I did make this.

  • Educational Equality for all Kids
My Classroom!

My Classroom!

  • My pup Wilson

Wilson and his Shark

This is currently a work in progress, so please, bear with me!



6 thoughts on “I’m Ali!

  1. Ali – what fun!! I’ll be following you and this blog!! Always love new recipes and great to keep in touch and see what’s happening in your life!!!

  2. Ali – Thanks to your grandma, I am enjoying your site too. Since I have always loved to cook, I enjoy seeing that young people do also. Great recipes!
    Aunt Lucille

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